Seduced by a Boss Chick 2

Excerpt of Seduced by a Boss Chick 2

    Rain beat on the windshield as the windshield wipers fought to keep the pouring rain away. The sun called off for the day making Atlanta dim and gloomy. Though the sun didn’t cast its rays on the city today, the air was still muggy reminding us that it was summer.

  It was nearing two thirty in the afternoon, but the gray sky made the afternoon look like evening. Lynch should be arriving within the next few minutes. From what I remember, he was always on time. He didn’t like people messing with his time and he didn’t want to mess with other people’s time, either. 

     Right at two thirty, a black Cadillac CTS with dark tinted windows and chrome rims pulled up next to me. The car was so clean, it looked like he just drove it off the lot, but there were no temporary plates. Lynch got out of the passenger seat and two of his boys got out the back while the driver remained in the car. He always stayed in the car in case something went down and they had to make a quick getaway.

     I got out of my truck and walked over to Lynch as he headed to his trunk. He looked even finer than he did back in the day. He stood about six foot with a caramel complexion. He wore a plain white tight fitted t-shirt exposing his permanent artwork all over his arms. He had on a pair of Jordan’s and a pair of blue jeans – not too tight and not too loose. It was just enough for me to see the shape of that nice ass I wanted to grab. 

     Lynch didn’t open his trunk just yet. Instead, he leaned on it with his arms crossed. His boys stood on each side of him, but they weren’t as cute as Lynch. He gave me the onceover. I couldn’t tell if he were sizing me up or checking me out. Could be both, but either way, he was turning me on like crazy.

     “A’ight, so whatchu’ tryna do?” He kept his muscular arms crossed and looked me dead in the eyes.

     I returned the eye contact as I stood in front of him. “I want the same amount you were giving Drop.”

     “What happened to your boy anyway?”

     Catching me completely off guard, I told him the version everybody else saw, “He was shot and killed by my husband. It was all over the news.” 

     “Damn. That’s crazy. What? You get busted fucking wit’ that nigga and your husband shot him or some shit?”

     “I guess you can say that.” I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly.

    Lynch didn’t take his eyes off me for one second. “Ain’t your dude that real estate cat? I think saw something about that shit on the news.”

     “That would be him. I left him though.” I threw that in there just in case he was checking for me. I waved my hand in the air as if it wasn’t an important conversation. At this point, it wasn’t. I just wanted to get what I came for and make money. 

     He gazed at me for a few seconds before responding. “A’ight then. I’ma start you off wit’ ten kilos. You got one week to give me my money. You think you can hang, sexy?”

     Without flinching, I responded, “No. I don’t think I can hang. I know.

     “I’m warning you. It’s your funeral if I don’t get my shit. I don’t give too many warnings. Remember that.” Lynch opened the trunk and gave me a suitcase that contained the ten kilos.

     I put the suitcase he gave me in my trunk. “So, how much did Drop owe you?”

     He closed his trunk and stood behind me. His boys remained behind his car waiting patiently. They were trained for these types of situations. They didn’t move and they definitely didn’t speak. There was no need for them to. No one spoke to them and there wasn’t an emergency going on. His boys were smart though. They weren’t playing around. They stayed ready with their hands behind their backs with guns in case something did go down.

     “A million dollars.”

     Without hesitation, I got two suitcases out the trunk and gave him both of them. “There’s one million five hundred in there. That’s more than enough. Consider it a thank you gift. There’s more coming your way if we continue working together.”

     He cracked a smile. “I like you already. What’s your name?”

     I shut my trunk and looked at his fine ass face once more. He had a small scar on the right side of his jawbone which brought out more of his hardcore features. I guess I had a thing for tough looking dudes because this dude made me feel wet between my legs.   

     Since I had on a skirt, I was sending up a silent prayer that my sweet nectar wasn’t running down my leg. Even if it was, maybe he would have gotten the message loud and clear that I wanted his sexy ass. 


     He and his boys started laughing. “Majesty? What kind of name is that?”

     With the utmost confidence, I answered, “The name of one who’s taking over. I’ll be in touch.”

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