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This thought provoking novel based on love, lies, and deceit will leave you with a great lesson to be learned about relationships and the people you trust.

Lonely Rhiana gave her all to her hard-working boyfriend for seven years, but he decided to give his all to his career. Craig, a highly known film director put all of his energy into building a name for himself in order to support his family.

While Craig thought he was doing the right thing by trying to support his girlfriend and their two children, Rhiana grew bored and sought conversation from a handsome and charming man named Javion on a popular dating site.

Hitting it off immediately with Javion, a relationship blossomed between the two of them causing her to have a steamy affair that she couldn’t resist.

Getting the love and attention from Javion she desired from Craig for seven years, she made the premature decision to leave Craig and make it official with the mysterious and handsome Javion.

Caught up in his hypnotic loving, she wasn’t expecting the downturn of events that came with being in a relationship with him.

Will Rhiana be strong enough to let go as the decisions she makes begin to unfold or will she stick by her man until the end?



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A thrilling continuation of Loved by a Savage Part 1, will keep you wanting more as you partake in more of Rhiana’s lesson-filled journey.

Being the good wife that she is, Rhiana has chosen to stick with her husband, Jason through all of his unnecessary baggage. Through her unconditional love and many counseling sessions, he still can’t be fixed.

Losing just about everything she has including her kids, Rhiana just can’t walk away. She vowed to stay ‘til death do us part so, she deals with every obstacle that comes with being Jason’s wife, sending her life on a whirlwind of disaster.

Will Jason’s issues cause Rhiana’s demise or will she be able to break free from the turmoil that entered her life as soon as she said I do?


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Lyrika Dane, the HBIC of the model game is having a hard time bouncing back from her last relationship that ended abruptly with Dustin Lewis, a professional basketball player. 

Vulnerable to love, she meets Shine, a vicious hitta of New York. Using him as a wealthy rebound to help get over her ex, she quickly gets caught up in Shine’s dangerous lifestyle. Curious about the game, she immediately shows Shine she’s more than just a pretty face. In fact, she’ll hold it down no matter what even if it forces her to leave her successful modeling career in the past. 

Showing Shine she has his back, she becomes the perfect ride or die sidechick he needs, but when Shine is faced to take on the biggest hit of his life for $15 million, the pressure is on or their lives will be up for grabs next.

Will the new ride or die Lyrika risk everything including her life for her new love or will she find a way out before it’s too late?


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Angel Lawson has always been used to getting what she wants at all costs. Conforming to the streets at a young age to help support her family, she became a natural boss chick. But after her hard core drug dealing boyfriend, Drop is sent to prison, she is forced to turn her life around and marries the wealthy Real Estate mogul, Geremy Lawson. However, once Drop is released on parole, her itch for hustling will soon be scratched to a level never gone before.

On the other side of life, Angel’s privileged husband Geremy has everything going for him. He’s handsome, wealthy, has a beautiful wife, and everything always works out for him. But once he finds out what Angel has been up to, his life is headed for a massive destruction he didn’t see coming.

Does Angel have any limits to satisfy her hunger for the exciting street life or is this just the beginning?

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A Boss Chick on the rise, Angel a.k.a. Majesty is determined to make a name for herself in the drug game at no expense. She’s a force to be reckoned with and could care less that she has a long line of people wanting her dead. 

While she thinks she has it all under control, all hell breaks loose when secrets come out and people are pushed too far.  

Little did she know, chasing the bag comes at a cost. Will Angel make it in a world of drugs or will her empire come crashing down before it even lifts off the ground?