R. Kelly and Michael Jackson: What’s not being discussed

By: Sevyn Scott March 7, 2019

In case you haven’t kept up with the never ending drama, R. Kelly was busted once again for his kiddie antics. In February, he was indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of four alleged victims which is considered a class 2 felony and can serve up to 70 long years in prison. On February 22nd, he was placed in handcuffs and spent the weekend in a Chicago police station.

During that daunting weekend for Kelly, he was scheduled to appear in court for a bail hearing and was granted a $1 million bail. While many non-fans were under the impression he wasn’t getting out any time soon, a “fan friend” he met five months prior on a cruise named Valencia P. Love posted his bond of $100,000, according to the Sun-Times.

About a week after his release, he did an interview with Gayle King of the CBS Morning News proclaiming his innocence through anger, frustration, and hurt. Well, here’s where it gets interesting, just hours after the emotionally charged interview, Kelly gets arrested for approximately $162,000 in unpaid child support.

But guess what? There’s more! According to the Detroit Free Press, there’s another alleged victim from Michigan who states she was sexually abused at the tender age of 13 by Kelly back in 2001 and later contracted herpes at 17.

If that isn’t enough drama, Michael Jackson who has rested in his grave since 2009 also has some old bones that’s being dug up. Recently, we’ve all heard about the tense four hour “Leaving Neverland” HBO documentary that aired March 3rd where Wade Robson and James Safechuck confessed to being sexually abused by the pop star at the young ages of 7 and 10.

There’s a lot at risk in 2019 for these musical geniuses. Both of their music is being pulled from radio stations and streaming services, money is being lost, and people are angry. But most importantly, what’s happening with the black culture and what the hell is really going on, period?

Let’s also not forget Bill Cosby. He was very well respected in many communities and is currently serving 3 to 10 years in a maximum security prison in Collegeville near Philadelphia for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, according to USA Today.

Apparently, Bill Cosby wasn’t enough so, R. Kelly was the next target. The crazy thing is, R. Kelly’s antics wasn’t satisfying. It hasn’t even been set in stone yet where he’s going to end up and they’re coming after Michael Jackson again almost 10 years after his tragic passing.

This doesn’t justify the crimes against them, but are people wondering what’s really going on? Is this an attack against the black culture? Are people’s NDAs expired giving them the courage to speak out on crimes that were committed ages ago? Is this about money? Is the media looking to top their ratings? Is the black community more interesting than the white community or any other community for that fact? What ever happened to Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen? Seems like Weinstein’s case got hushed for the time being while R. Kelly and Michael Jackson are big topics. So, who’s next?

Is this really an attack to continue to destroy us as a black culture or are we all being treated fairly and equally? Let me know what you think. I need some additional insight on this, please!

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